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Product Range - Ingredients


CBS top batter is a premium product. It is made by DURANT FOODS. We also have available precoating mix or egg wash substitute and plain flour.

Boosters, Gravies & Salts

Comprehensive range of beef and chicken boosters some MSG free and in a variety of sizes also gravy mixes along with chip sprinkles and chicken salt.

Coatings & Crumbs

Range includes herb & garlic, hot & spicy, BBQ, Hawiian, golden crumbs and fine white, brown, kibbled, medium and coarse we have them all - including the Newly Weds range.


CBS specialise in these and range products from Fibrisol, Quality Ingredients, Heimann including corned beef cures now available gluten free, as well as roast beef pumps, salami cures and many functional products,recipes and procedures along with technical resources from our global suppliers. We can tailor a recipe and product to suit the individual talk to us now.

Glazes & Spice Blends

CBS lead the way in innovation we are the major Victorian distributor for the Flavour Makers range with flavours such as bbq spare rib, basil pesto, sundried tomato, rosemary & mint, char sui, port wine & garlic to name a few. We have over 80 flavours and varieties available ask us for a full list and a free sample today.

General Ingredients

Stockists of flour, smallgoods dyes, crushed garlic, potato starch, cheetham salt, sugar, woodchips and sawdust for smoking.

Marinades Liquid

Suppliers of the Durant range also CBS branded, and from other respected suppliers such as Heimanns, Taylors, with all time popular flavours such as honey soy, italiano, honey chilli garlic, tandoori and exciting flavours such as tropical mango, steak dianne, black bean, honey mustard, satay, Mongolian lamb, teryaki, hickory BBQ, apricot and curry. Contact us for a full list.

Sausage Meals

CBS exclusive branded sausage meals are made by the highly regarded Quality Ingredients to our recipes, developed to meet the market CBS meals boast exceptional colour and authentic flavour. Also in the CBS range are pork, chicken, kabana and frankfurter. Also available the trusted Durant, FIP, and Heimann range.

Gourmet Meals

CBS gourmet meal range featuring tomato & onion. herb & garlic, lamb rosemary & mint, sundried tomato & basil, curry, smokey bacon. Other manufacturers showcase their range also with products from Heimann and Flavour Makers we have over 100 including organic, gluten free preservative free, and a range of burger premixes to suit everyone try something different today like chardonnay & French herb, or chicken spinach & pine nut and stand out from the crowd and if you want to make a genuine continental sausage try a Wiberg Easy pack for a real authentic strassburg, chorizo, frankfurter or kabana plus many more.

Sprinkles & Seasonings

Compliment your schnitzels and burgers with our wide range of highly visual sprinkles try the CBS brand of pepper steak sprinkle, garlic, tomato bacon & onion all with a built in tenderiser or choose from the huge range of flavours from Flavour Makers or Heimann and don't forget we have a full range of steakette seasoning and roast chicken sprinkles. There's a sprinle to suit everyone from lamb mint to macadamia satay all can be applied directly onto the product or mixed with your crumb.


From a 1kg foil packet designed to maintain freshness to a 25kg bag every imaginable spice is here from the world acclaimed Wiberg company over 100 varieties available.

Stuffing Mixes

From Durants traditional sage & onion to CBS universal and the exotic mixes from the house of Flavour Makers, its all here put yourself on a pedastal. Try apricot & macadamia, pine nut & cous cous or cranberry & chestnut. Our stuffing mixes are anything but boring.

Seasonings & Flavours

A huge choice from Wiberg with flavours to give your hams an individual taste to many functional ingredients to control purge etc.